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Shuttle Lotion is a specially formulated topical treatment for most common skin irritations due to insect bites, allergies, burns, contact dermatitis, poison ivy, acne, athlete’s foot and chicken pox. A soothing and protective formula it gently works with the body to heal and repair affected areas. Great for all ages and skin types, Shuttle lotion is fast and effective creating a soothing barrier on site to help heal common skin problems. Shuttle lotion comes in three convenient sizes for all of your skin cares needs. Buy it now online or find it at your local pharmaceutical retailer.

110% Money Back Guarantee

A must have for Everyone in the family it’s the one and only first aid cream you will ever need. In this economic climate why buy ten different items to treat ten different problems when ONE bottle of Shuttle Lotion will take care of it all. TOO good to be true we don’t think so. We are so confident that you will be 110% satisfied that we are offering a 110% money back Guarantee (limit one per house hold all other returns paid back at 100%)

Take a listen to our new commercials on 560 WQAM, South Floridas home of the Miami Dolphins!

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"So effective you’d expect it to need a prescription. So safe it doesn’t!"

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