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Ben Grenald - FounderAmerican Hygienic Laboratories, a family owned and operated Florida based company traces its roots to Depression era Kentucky and the vision of a young college sophomore. In 1938, 18 year old Ben Grenald, founder and CEO, developed the original formulation for Shuttle Lotion while a pharmacy science student at the University of Kentucky. He sold "Grenald's Shuttle Lotion" at the drug store he worked at as well as to other pharmacies in the Louisville and surrounding areas. Upon graduation in 1942, Ben entered military service and while stationed in Panama, produced Shuttle Lotion for sale in the Panama Canal Railroad Company's commissary to treat prickly heat and other tropical ailments.

In 1945 Ben left military service and moved to Miami where he owned and operated 38 retail drug stores. He produced Shuttle Lotion for distribution in pharmacies and hotels on Miami Beach and began to develop more product formulations to complement his flagship product. Shuttle Spray and Blemish Disks appeared in 1948. Mascaroff was added in 1951. The Citritan line of sun protective products was introduced in 1954. Over the years, various products were added and dropped and in 1969 Tiffan "E" Vitamin E Cream (named for grand daughter Tiffany) was launched. Other Tiffan "E" products soon followed. Fragrances were added in 1973 and "Suzi's Secret" Skin Softener appeared in 1975.

In 1997 Ben sold off all but one of his retail drug stores and concentrated on production and wholesale distribution of the American Hygienic Laboratories line. In 1992, following a long and expensive court battle with the jewelry company, the Tiffan "E" line was renamed D'Lanerg (Grenald spelled backwards) and new packaging was introduced.

Ben Grenald currently owns more than 150 patents, trademarks and copyrights and he is still adding more. American Hygienic Laboratories is proud of the fact that all product formulations are our own and contain only the finest and purest USP approved ingredients, and never once in the past 63 years has any ingredient needed to be replaced due to updated USP regulations.

When you purchase from American Hygienic Laboratories, you can know that you are getting only the highest quality merchandise. AHL stands behind our products and will replace any item that is damaged or in any way does not meet our high standards...no questions asked.

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